Saturday, December 26, 2015

as much as i can say for now


what are you expecting?

why are you curious?

when did you experience this?

who is the creative genius to this arrangements of words?

i know what i'm not or what i don't care for'

i'm at peace. yet not still.
i'm centered yet persuing' 
chill to the mac yet focus to kill.

scary thought it is: to know the person in front of you feels they have to act the way they do: i can not hold you accountable for not knowing what you dont know.


when your actions speak in the form of making me feel quizzical or pensive' 

there energy infects, i have to really raise the bar of the humans i allow myself to be around me'

sex: a metaphorical duel sword to a self aware /conscious  mind.... wield it mindfully'

Friday, December 25, 2015

a day of reflection

this feeeling of being aproved of fitting in on your own terms'
this reality of being you'
this acceptence of who you are and what you are perceived as'

its okay to seperate myself
i am allowed
i give myself the right'

i love, 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

in closed: crammed :

(el puto es)
what if its all guts
hold it steady
i dont waiver or wonder 
i do allow & explore

ehy dbh
or why or why?

this way
for nothing 
feel the past 
reach for future thoughts 

jingle, jingle, jingle 
tell me about chris
not larry finkle

they speaks secrets
i speak cheek steady 
this is our-weekends
yet, for you; I'm ready

Saturday, December 12, 2015

it has been an up hill'

the says and thoughts all come together'
the aquire a new sofa
chair with me yoir fealings
share no more of your feelines

i have time to share a rant
only trie thing about that
nevet mind anout the animatrd bat
his mind was always more then about that

maturity and peace
seldom is heard 
my wife lost her nerve
and the cowboys are winning today!

its ben very hard
eapecially dealing with myself 
me getting lost or carried awau by old habbits i dont have to be that way anymore and i'm glad i am now accepting the present i  created for myself with the help of those around me and those I reached out to'

life is so long when you start  taking time
to do what needs to be done
yet ironically the happenings 
are over
so enjoy the adventure and the climp up the mountain
for the end will happen regardless if you make it or not....

put effort into it.


Monday, December 7, 2015

no labels 'nymore

school. chiropractors.
Therapy. Lessons. slacking =no.
i have to tell you this is life be created'is  mine to live...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

marry her

i kinda like that idea for now: i want to meet her; penetrate her' enjoy her' love her' relax her and have her trust me: let's create love' a love that can trancende' i'm romantic: horny and loyal' 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

kd conservatory!

i' have delegated  enough. sparatick. realitck. wait. for no. one. me and you we are a like. i took my time and stayed consistent. yeah' i will still accomplish my doctorine: soon enough: co creating! lets make this happen first; my career as a performer: i realize i have to countinue being more low key then before' more focus more in the zone. oh my god' alm these emotional ideas of what should be and what must be' they only person responsible for my experince in life is me' so whay have i done' experience, then denied, i've lied to some loved ones and have asked for forgiveness: i've stolen and forgiven myself for all my un moral actions; if any curve balls come my way : I only ask god for the strength to face on the life moment/ experience and choose with the best of my abilities: & gut!
i ask for the wisdom to know the difference between the things i can change, the events k can create and the moments i can allow to happen'
i pray to be effortless in my day to day!
I pray to be an intrument of storytelling!
there is more to be said... for now this is what i want to say. i love myself & i accept myself for you i am! Keep living it up brother! Namaste! 

i sit around and wonder why

you are always here for me'

Thursday, September 24, 2015

why am i making this so hard for me ? im not? im just...

couscious of being aware of what i believe is good and fair to do. lets work together to create the life we desire: together one step at a time'

Sunday, August 30, 2015

what pink floyd album are you jamming right now?

My Theory is simple:
depending what pink floyd album your on is a discription of the methorophic representation of what you are going through in life: and example would be;he wusg tklłi ps; ill be back to talk about this exemt je brv

Monday, August 24, 2015

Doctor Velez and Focusing One Mission At A Time:

First is getting an employment and the attendence of school online at night then i'm thinking okay: focus: laser focus:
but super focus
mastering one thing at a time: life is worth it, rhyme for rhyme: my goal and mission are already set: this must first be accomplished : yet: i feel of regret: fear not: secret of multitude: no knot: i give you a frequent raise in patterns so that happenings of rhythem fast:are seen in my self succing own pace life. So for right now I am realizing the body, soul and mind they are qualified to make one thing and then once you strength that one thing another mission at hand begins: i feel heaven on earth right now! i am thankful! i am grateful! Body:MovieStar/FilmDirector Mind:Dr.EVF Soul:Storyteller/Shaman this can happen; this has happen; i am trilingual! and mastering my Italian!( excuse the typos :) Body'
Stand up
mission one of chapter 3 to Edgardo V. F. life
Movie Star⚡️Thespian!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

I haven't the Slightest Idea.

why Elsie, Lacey & Telley live in the bottom of the well'


Buttons to push:
They Activate thoughts.
Strokes, pushers or thoughts.          Indwell.
Earth is the most Recognizable.
So Wine-the words; askew
Symbols The Fire of Ashes
& Water- Esp.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Emotional Creature

yeah' what can i say i need to write and create get away and move on so many peoples sadneaa and thoughta i feel then and i feel like crying like bawling up alittlw circle something feela empty and connection with the my spirit' why do they watch over me' why am i crazy' why cant i be normal and not feel anymore' i disgust myself' i know what i have done and i desire to be forgiven : for what though it gets dark and every night reminds me pf thos emptyneas: i'm not here to impress you but i am' i am vanity and i dont want to admit it' i dont care to i want to go away and never come back: i have to master  these human emotions: i want to be myself but i dont know how: i feel silly once the anxienty goes away or that feeling of whatever : i call it anxienty becauae thats how you might relate to me: do you  relate to me? the collective thought is going to give me money: thia delusion' thia pains me' thia reAlity; where i'm not strong enough: i want to sell everything' i want to let go of everything: i want to break free' i dont know me: i know the collective mind that decides my actiona but i dont care enough: i really am just like you another drone: a robot with a soul looking to go home: why did i come to this plane? what posible interest could have brought me here: family; friends, fame, fourtune' what is that? what is this capturing event that wont let us develop: i'm not greedy enough: i dont have enough gannas' i dont care for it' i cry more then i admit to: i carry no weight and every single ounce known to mankind: i'm afraid of your judgment; i'm afraid of not becoming who i thought i could be' thinking can kill people and so can doing' maybe its a welcome vacation' to thw other realities i cared not for' ita dangerous out here' & i dont want to be part of this game yet i am the main protagonist : i am gods hero' i am omnipotent' i am free' i am wireless ' i am thought form' i am a child' pretending to be a grown up' i hope you never  aee through me and always see me in the best light' i hope you only see Dorian and never my portrait' for if you know my real me: you will see i am far too old to give a damn  and to give a damn is to be old' 
go edgardo!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elgar Xavier Sathma

28 years old! 
200/213 pounds
Brown eyes
Black Hair
Athletic Build
Tattooed Upper Body and one Sleeve
Of Human Decent Earth 1.0
MilkyWayGalaxy -Universe Alpha
Blue Frequency Equilibrium 
3rd Dimention Reality Existence!
Creator Mind'
From Father Architect & Mother Earth'

Saturday, June 20, 2015

asking the right kinda questions

hibernation: speaking easy
i know your reading this who ever you are: my part is to put it out there and get it off my chest' 
who am i?
i renaissance man.
i enjoy and if if that is not available what do i do: i do what i care to do' i do what i desire to do'
i am happy with who: i" am!
my choices have created my experinces and in exchange the resultans and re-actions have leade me to my faith & pjilosophy in the power of my minds unity awareness and gift with the world and this reality existence' yeah i love to do what i do: thats whay i do it i care to experince what i choose to experince: i know i live with my siblings under my parents roof: i know my situation of reality i have come to accepty surroundings ; i mean i am only aiming to impresss myself in what i can accomplish on thoa earth plane; what i care about comes naturally: & yes ' facing my growing pains: i'm 27 years of age according to the gregorian calender: yet i feel about 1000 plus! 
sometimeS; i beat myself up for actions or behavior that i know is counter oh my past deaires: then there is this conflict of interest sometimeS: i feel i'm writing thia for you and i dont know who you are' 
i feel i love you: i feel i miss you' i am being me and allowing myself to dictate my reality: i'm thinking about sharing my body sexually & intamite with a female'  i need to allow myself the women of my dreams: the success i desire and the life i envision to happen now! its healthy' im healthy & wealthy! i have an abundance of material and spiritual energy & i'm blessed & grateful for being affluential' the loyalty of my companion and myself towards myself is sweet energy that just fuels me to live longer and keep experincing! i want to pause right here and talk more with you later ciao

Friday, May 29, 2015

clocking in to life

are you running late
is there a thought right now that your aware of?
im grateful for te opportunity to work: i just noticed something: maybe i should notice: noticing: or thinking of the now:
more yoga thats the secret: is there a secret? 
my life has been what i have attracted into my life: before i was not aware : yet i was in motion: i now can make heartfelt commotions: i feel a calmness about me: must this be maturity: 
i think so: 

Friday, May 22, 2015

life is what you make it:

the reflection tells me what i need to know:
creating life with the actions i take:
setting in motion future comotion
all the time is no time at all
life is a word to describe: illustrate and project: a human tittle :for the unified counsiousness reality existence'

my life is my own : means to me i am an awared brain: 

change brings on rain!

i give meaning to my words: 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The Reality is that: Life is great: The experince itself ia amazing. Now: that being said ,"i can say" honestly to whoever is reading this: /edgardo: that everynow and then i have these thoughts and then dont.

Life is so wonderful: i sometimes get scared for how great its going: i need to remember i'm not one to hold my life up to the light while holding your life on the other side: we all have our own path to walk & though sometimes our journeys might come to a co-existence: 

these moments'

i hear your words and respect them.

i respectfully allow you to have your own

i feel though. i sense. what im telling you is that: the more intelegent i become the more i feel i dont know but i know: its a self manifestation. wholesome. i believe my thoughts. i can see the veil of mental limits and the deception of other peoples successful past.

 Edgardo: thank you for making rhe time tk work out.
Edgardo: thanks for only eating healthy portilns of food.
Edgardo: thanks for seperating my food grorups.
Edgardo: thanks for loving me:

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

i allowed myself: & i will stand strong'

today: i put myself in a situation. 

i give myself permision to live to ask to be free and love and live

i forgive myself: because today is the day to do my taxes and i have to do them'
if i desire to go to school: 
school is out weighing olive garden...
sti sober . still single and still skywalking!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

literature by Edgardo V.

Company seekers
Alien Sneakers
Soldem Weeps
science beekers

bookkeeper of my dreams
logger of my heart
tracker of my art
sexual assault fiend

now is mine
and how is yours

bow to ties
and lies no more

rapture hurts
then she squirts
please don't make it a lot of fun to use it for a few weeks of my favorite part of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be 
not to be

my satire will leave and bleed
my animal eyes shed skin of ashes
my cocoa is an eraser melting
my concept of your reality is discovering itself
dissecting itself
distinguishing itself
deliberately daunting dubious distractions 
whats to know more through experince 
desires to be on the path of the one.
well said:well motion
time is valuable. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

a few pounds and an oscar

questions that hunger me
leasons of crime
your passion illusive and nothig to hold

vigor for saints
wine for the sinners
bread for the sheep

those with shame weep

why did i leave myself open like that: now im venturing in experince never before: cant turn back now right' lol'

im living long and prosper 
happy, affluential & with vitality 

listen to some bob dyaln recently

people control
im doing my part to legislate your love and desire to develop myself
how much time do j have to enjoy & j give my time so a small ammount to be truth to the core is very important 


Friday, February 27, 2015

Perfect Time To Post.

In Reality: your perspective is moldeble. Now, this is note worthy; every angel gets ita winga because of a bad deed: done right. 

A new light: a new story.
An accord full of thoughts. 
A seed can create a boat.
My story is exclusive only to those aware.


The awareness that i speak about comes from experince: thia experince comes from life itself.

Hasting. Slowly. Faster. in a timely manner...

Bro. Sis. Mother. trips.
Life in shambles...
Lords of laughter...
Gave me something to go after...

So till that day and till that moan' 
my life on earth is still to unfold

far beyond your deepest dreams.
far behind those leftover thoughts.
far beyond into the sea.
far behind after the body rots.

the story rings true to those that sot the simple life that is based on got



Saturday, February 14, 2015

i love you!

hey guys hope you've been good.
Firsy off Hally Valentines day. 
I want to say I love you and i appreciateyou  okay' i need you to be aware that its not a sexual kind of love its a humanly love: friendship. kindren spirits. amigos. compadres. brotherhood. bros. mutants. mystics. wolves. vampires. loners. stoners. builders. innovators. Skywalkers.

you have inffluence my life some how or another. & yes there is also the painters. artist. producers. mentors. leaders. well you know...

I have to allow myself to say what i came to say. i'm not always happy okay. i go throuhj my sadness as well or as sad as any of you. i just choose to express those feeelings and vent those emotions in my own creative way: like this is a perfect example. here. here is where i can speak that part of my mind. there is something so special about sharing that part of my mind with you: you see the secret is speak your reality and it shall manifest thanks to the results brought forth through your actions that where nourished by your philosophy and certainty in your beliefs.

So in writing te nature is to wist away and play with the ideas: decide. Now is the time to decide. 
Then Speak it out loud alone & sometimes with company repeat it with true resolve.
This works magic. Magic is yours to weild. By Speaking you attract that relates to what you speak. By Writing you determine what you want to speak. By Writing: to me (remember these are my opinions) is a way to discover your inner voice. Writing: it allows you to create alternate realities.
Writings sets that energy you not need to carry around to go somewhere it can exist in peace. i sent all unecessary energy to this blogg. i sent all lingerig washed up and un-worldly energy to these words and may you find a home here. may you illuminate the darkness with your bizark ideas bozork thougts and bonockers way of living. i sent all stagnet energy to this blogg to truelly express the truth of writing. i sent some creative juices where necessary.  & i aent all of my lathargic energy into my bloggs so you can get an idepth appreciation of my thouhts. i share with you my naked emotions. my ideas of pain. so you can see im also human like you. & just like you humans are more then meets the eye. 
supernovas  we are!
energy with flesh exteriors.
souls with a body to use in this tangible world.
happiness with the danger to enjoy laughter and smiles with the world.
a contradictions you must grow to understand.
love is so simple when you let expectations be an exclusive word only critics , stock traitors and comintatora can use.
now is the time you allow yourself to be your nature. because if we all act our nature and let it free flow we discover we are all unique.
Namaste. n Happy Valentines Day amigos y familia!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

just Chillen living skywalking! smiling! winning! blessed!

im learning things i will apply though i think do i want to live tonight!?
we will pack a bowl and prepare a bakers doZen this is my corner to shred lies apart. im single. & not ready to mingle. im loyal. im dedicated. im simple. im a complex. im a man. im edgardo. i stll am making movies still entertaining still doing music still playkng yugioh. hard at work on 2 new business ventures. and living in sam antonio! lite is good. im thankful  fam god has really taken care of me and i have much appeeciation for there trials and tribulations now let the good times roll... fuck with me.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

in the past

i apoligize for my past actions. ease up. judgement is to be ignorant to reality. i regret things ive done and i have forgiven myself. regret standing for reality embodying grandeur relapses enternaly tomorrow.
tomorrow never comes. 
its all the same moment.
today is tomorrows yesterday.
i believe in that. i believe in me.
i believe what i have done in the past i rightfully did with and to the best of my knowledge.
i apply what i learn at my speed.
my pace is unique. 
im on a mega bus.
im an entertainer. & im going to focus on my musical career and let all other aspects of entertainment trinkle into my life.
im a student of life & im going to start school as a hobby: im concentrated on medical: Dr. ???? Si!
im family. im travel. im leisure. 
im listening. im living. im skywalking.
im edgardo f. v.
one day i will choose to be a father under the winter sky while i lay with my lady by my side. i care to be dad and raise my child alone. i will attract the love i deserve into my life all in due time. 
right now that is not a priority.
my priority is to elevate my family, the community & our society!
the game of fhrones is real. im living it.  & im playing the real life version everyday. small circles' close knits' sane partnershipa.
with rants & raves every now & then.
who ever may be reading this just know i write to let my mind flow out the thoughts if has. we are ment to flow and be effortles. my intentions are to be me to the fullest: to live, experince, create & love!

I'm a mutant. & my gift is :
to wield/bring forth into our shared existence/unity reality what i invision with my mind, will & imagination: i meditate
to fortify/re-charge & stay intune with this god:gift.
thank you for the bleasing!
gracias! yo estoy muy agradecido! 
gracias! yo eatoy feliz, contento y viviendo!

Friday, January 30, 2015


im edgardo v. f. aka rex skywalker
christopher f. aka 
christian h. aka
anairamy r. aka
esteban r. aka
sebastian h. aka
brenda y. r. aka
kevin h. aka
eric L. aka
enrique g. aka
sonia h. aka
jonathan h. aka
my cousins honarary skywalkers
my cirlce is small
my reach is omnipresent
my reality is mine to dictate through my beliefs. habits. actions. routines and practices. 
i live by the amenzar code of honors. the way of the skywalker'... with full vigor, vitality & excenfrence. omnievee! to atract sophagias and zodeimsa partners. evsword to remind me of me. i am one with god amd together we create my life experince: i must respect the balance. the gift of life. i must expand and grow! im not like any of my family members and they are not like me. we do not complete each other. and we can all exist independent of each other. we are all kings and queens of out choose  craft hobby and proffesion. we unite to fortify communication and the human evolution! we dreamed big. we know when we are satiafied. we stay humble. we are family before amything. some of us explore some of us root us to our family. some of us go deep inside ourselfs and some go create with there hands. time as riped us and build us back up the way we imagine and allowed ourselves to be. we are learning that we have the power to choose amd dictate our reality. we give our time only to that wiched will uplift us. we invest our time wisely for is the only thing once gone it never comes back....

i think about you still.

its not simple to admit. i was me. and guessing is not an anawear. what was i resisting. i begame. its a twisted perspective. im singled out. im not understanding. i am doing things more for me now choosing more now. you cant  tell but you dont care. im a waitinf room. where are you?
are you sobering up?
are you letting go. giving in. journey within. go deeper jnto the thoughts tou dont believe you can manifest.
i can only give you my ideas and my perapectives and time waits on no man. what am doing with my day to day is what i do with mt day to day. habits create thes' 
im not even worrrief. im just hungry for the right food. its when i become self contious about myelf that i felt loved. by a love that we all know and are famiar with.
this form  of communication is somewhat mind communication. in the future people can say this inspired us to develop mental telephaty. what I'm saying is not something farfetched. something more inpulaice can yoh makenit speak up ans sag:beljx

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Now what

 My options have never been what they are now... I used to care to balance these things out. I'm going to type to my hearts delight. Single. Straight. Thinking about her' thinking g about me. You and I I don't need to tel you what i need indeed to be more self counsious because right now I'm uncomfortable with the way I'm laying losing loitering break pause and don't want eg have to.i have to care about me more the  I'm caring now. I believe in me. That's not it. It's the honestly l. The honesty i. I conceal. Ii keep to myself I think to myself. What weight I've aimed and swing and never been committed. I've dedicated myself I've half assed but I true lol and only committed to a certain percentage I feel it in the past I feel it right now the truth coming in to a new annbn man an ahanahanah i sed tejano can luce liga my what

Now I see I can live life my way

You've seen me in so much light are words that come in from an outside inside source. Im going crazy cuz i miss you. Lucky. Afraid. A child. A man noting to hill breaking rules and keeping to himself. Who am I impressing no one. I just care to do what I do with my dedication to its fullest. I'm going to Dallas again. I'm blogging for reals this time. It's always been for reals. Why do I feel this inner passion to do more expand. Why I don't want to work with David. Do I want to work with Aquarious later....? Or now. Do I want to work with Sheila ? Man' my decision so these are missions tha I've started that I have not finished: yet. How do I care for these people? How do I find my self . Serenity Ecstasy Love Friendship. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I now have a touchscreen phone. I am up to date on cell phone technology'

Captains log Stargate we're actually on earth so Earth Day by Gregorian calendar it should beSaturday, January 17 2015th Bible 7 PM weight not Bible we not but no not Bible exclude Bible just 5:07 PM they ego no there you go perfect. Figure it out

Now that I have begun using this new technology I will utilize it to its full potential and " maximize my return of investment.

My emotions are at bay to say the least I noticed the whims of others & I noticed the wins, the change and I noticed the way you speak

No nothing is new under the sun the only thing that is new is that which is not to say unexpected just on precedented me I am present to the moment that whatever comes out of this is just an experiment worth the try or an error kiss kiss kiss no stop robotic voice speaking to you but I am in a full character character is named that I chose

Well that did not go as well those that are still bearing with me on this project of mine where I speak to that machine and the machine they taste my words dictates my words my words are being dictated by the machine lips and teeth and teeth and tongue and tongue and lips and teeth lips and cheats and tits and Tichy Pucci Lucci Gucci Mucci Fuji Tucci will Jima in 10

Okay I made a promise and I did not keep it that broke my trust in myself for that month I had to regain trust myself and I have again I am okay with what's going on around me because I do not control my surroundings I only have control over my choices

Choice is the power to say that I am fake in the sense of not being aware of who I am is to say that I am nonexisting I do not exist I am nothing nothing is what I am I am just words on a screen a digital background a background made of pixels and thoughts carried through electrons and protons s and all those kind of atoms dictate the reality and they manifest through our thoughts and consciousness 

Are frequencies are important those that make out the information here would find a secret that they can put close to their heart the ship is coming down now and as the captain of the ship I must tell you I cannot let myself be known to you I must only be known to myself

Earth will happen things will live I will call off and you will brief take me in and out and go this poetry of life and slow

Women I love them I cannot get enough of them yet I can only desire one my heart only beats for every single one in every single one is only one because when I'm with 101 yet I only need one to feel as want to be the one to have you I don't want you if you're not the one so I'm is finding through all the ones everyone has oneand yet I'm going to go the one and one are together now and the one and one want me now but I want you and I can have the barrier of the one is far greater than the sum of all it's not me can see you will you and me against the time of self so if the brings me life the self that tells me laugh is better but yet I have no chatter

I'm heartbroken but my heart has been healed by myself I complete myself and I don't need you like that I don't desire you or your thoughts like thatand by that I mean for you to come in here and be so mean and so conniving to allow myself to believe the way you believe in life is the way I'm on the should be dictated. 

I let go of what doesn't hurt because what doesn't hurt hurts me the most I let go of nothing because nothing is everything that you have built insideI did go of those moments that held me back go of your back that moves around the new round around I noticed now the time is good 
I want you to live in my neighborhood
I want to let go and trust and I want to phone love I have your kids this what you told me but then I say baby girl I'm not the man for you today