Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The Reality is that: Life is great: The experince itself ia amazing. Now: that being said ,"i can say" honestly to whoever is reading this: /edgardo: that everynow and then i have these thoughts and then dont.

Life is so wonderful: i sometimes get scared for how great its going: i need to remember i'm not one to hold my life up to the light while holding your life on the other side: we all have our own path to walk & though sometimes our journeys might come to a co-existence: 

these moments'

i hear your words and respect them.

i respectfully allow you to have your own

i feel though. i sense. what im telling you is that: the more intelegent i become the more i feel i dont know but i know: its a self manifestation. wholesome. i believe my thoughts. i can see the veil of mental limits and the deception of other peoples successful past.

 Edgardo: thank you for making rhe time tk work out.
Edgardo: thanks for only eating healthy portilns of food.
Edgardo: thanks for seperating my food grorups.
Edgardo: thanks for loving me:

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