Monday, April 30, 2018

The Path.

Its words and commotion.
its an ocean.

it has been said that more happens in a few years then anything that has happen in years or decades.

come to me words. needed to be said. and say.

this world we live in what truth can you hold on to. a
 dismemberment of feelings, love and emotions.

something is inspired to think and lie within its mind of the truth that once they held to be almost a spark for a fire that never came.

who you thought you could be.

i am the one typing and you the one reading. seeing the curvature. feeling the matrix.

a paradigm. invaded by aliens and awakening thyself.

seeing and feeling going with a higher or flyer self. by yourself yet never alone.

love is decay of the sadness.

hate is the fuel of the fear.

count me in.

i am standing up for myself and the independence of the mind.

we coexist.

those others die out.

peace walks and lives with us.
others wish other things.

i attract positive experiences, live in balance for life is in persistence.

Amen, Czar. Rex i am. Ex-Zen Friends. sofa. Gia'

Peace Among Worlds. Unity Within Dimensions. Loyalty for Love. All are One.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

its going to feel so good to let go

dying. to become. living to evolve.

loving this life is wonderful and i'm grateful, thankful and joyful for this consciousness. if anyone that reads this gets uplifted from reading this:wonderful.

hello and kick in the balls.
or is it a sign of attention.

life was grand. and when they find these please know i did everything with truth to survive and living forth.
now, i'm conscious that people care to see.
oh so aware that its like whoa!

love with an ox Libra is unique.
point it out. love has its real and ups and downs and downs and ups and opinions and levels..

i'm using life or is life using me?

oh what rants come our way now?
what characters de-evolve or sign-off'
i'm telling my mind thoughts that remind me of why i dare to keep living. and just is not enough love is pushing me though.

i love you.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Love is now

Work at it or be smart

It's love

Over time it's a variety of what can be and who is there over all life is fair be yourself and hold on tight it's your life if you feel me your all right!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Update on what and who I am up until now

Disregard the past!

Me right now.
Brown with victorious wreathes....

None sequential
Sedentary. Or. Sendementary....?
You make me want to fuck you.
And with passion.
I'm contagious. Leave me alone.
Stay far away. You ' ll need medicine....oh god. Just need a friend. That enjoy love making. Sex. Penetration. And insertion.

Follow me, and not everyone else.
When my group becomes a crown join us or coexist.....

My father.out father. A fairy tale of no other. My brother. There mother, no here mother. Oh see mother. In the sea mother.
Without them mother.
Expelled mother. Repelled mother.

Pink Floyd mother'


Really, I have to let go.

I see he is here now...not like before in pain, lies or I trust.... Do I take steps where my silence grows?
!!!!!!!!!!    ( .) (. )

I will get life insurance.
I will get health insurance.
I will get my own place(houseorstud.apt)
I wi get my own car.
I will use y money wisely.
I Give Esteban His place.
I Give Anairamy Her place.
I Give Brenda Her Place.
I Give Martha Her place.
I Give Mariano His Place.

I Give Edgardo his own time, and trust in others therefore himself.

Go on.
take care of yourself.
Tahitian Noni, Morinda Citrafolia.
Isagenix, product B.
,Vegan Shake.
World ventures.
Organs gold.
Coffee berry.
Pro image.

And there is so many more.

You'll come to me and I'll come back and add you frequently....
Hey find new ways of creating income....allow them to chase you as you chase your dreams. There is medication there is meditation. MAt u r batik .

Or masturbation'

Does she read this
Hopeless romantic. Or romantically hopeless.
Or hopefully a romantic.
I am hopeful.
I am romantic.

I came go help.but they helped me.
I came to be helped and o helped them.

It is what it is. Now next step has to be unique surprisingly original and it has to have a pet cameo.....

Why. Find your own why.
Do you accept.
Do you hope.
Do you believe.
Do you trust.
Do you live.
Okay then. Let's talk.
Because I want to fall I. Love.

Love you know.
A special day.
A species that evolves as it goes.
A feeling In the chest a vibration In the mind....
Skip for Organized minds... Be ware of the distance... Oh Edgardo tell the world how your life has not been easy and how you are responsible for all that is around you and all that you are loving tell the world that they too can live a happy and great life. Let it out in any way shape or form. I have so much questions. Answers Come and go. They sometimes satisfy, answers . Sometimes I become to conscious....I enjoy auto pilot. I really love Letting go.....I Dream of flying and living a life of a superhero. Selfless , eternal. King of kings thoughts do enter my mind and I am okay....who has my back when it Comes to standing for your rights...
Stand strong for what I believe in . It's set this way. So play it accept it.cope with it. Live it go for it. Dude. Push yourself to your what you thought was a limit.....

And then go. Beyond.
Grandparents . Aunts. Uncles. Relatives. Cousins.everyone world wide that is human.
Follow your positive impulses.......evolve,love and create.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stay on your focus don't let this blog distract you.

I do.
I chase. I catch. I heal. I deal. I feal.
I take time and I have found my face....

This life is mine....
Of one.
Mine and yours.
Who's tour but us. I care not about the sma struggles of the click and day.
No one. Law of attraction. To all. Not one. Law of attraction. Missed spelled. Troubled. Young. Bit getting old. Older. But yet so young.
I'm hungry but I'm not starving....searching...clearly telling you the lies in form of truth and the truth in direct indirectness.
But the lies themselves have slivers of truth and hints of honesty.

Drive. I'm driving and telling my family I need help.
So they do.
Go live. Go help. Be a rock...

Cry on your own.
Break the laws.
Break the rules.
Bend the metal.
Shatter the diamonds.

Empty and Clear.
Alone and Alive.
Frank and Dave.
Zoo and School.

Genuine and TRANSPARENT.
Genial and MYSTERIOUS.
Godly and SENTIENT.
Growing and EVOLVING.


I read something that said, "starve your distractions and feed your focus."

It's been heartbreaking to see only a few of my tactics work to get what I need to grow and evolve. Yet it heals me to know ita only part of the growth I'm going as a human.

Each of us has the power.
And there is something so strong in my brain and myself that tells me to stay true to my path.

It's not that iys self assurance. Or something like that maybe it's being positive.

Strike in. Go live. Strive to be eternal or to live and die.

Dive in to society and let it form around your stable and just life, be yourself and make mistakes and change your mind.

Yet hold on to those ideas that have helped.

My family and those related to me.
My sisters, brothers and cousins.
My aunts , uncles, parents and grandparents.

If ever need to know anything of my just ask.

Just know.
If I don't reach out to you. It's not personal. It's just I'm on my Hero's journey. My expedition to create a life via the power of Action, making and keeping friendships, creating new ways to share my ideas and myrself , I'm speaking up when I believe I should and then I Roll with the punches there after....

I desire to do this on my own.
No pics here for now. Just a novel of words.usually I put pics. Right now. I just needed to vent. I feel the pressure of people's desire for money, Acceptance and self pleasure. Yet I also see the results of acting on ignorant rebellious fear driven fearlessness.

I am hope.

Love, compassion, will, fear, avarice, hate,life and death. All are reference to _______________