Wednesday, June 6, 2018

i need you to know this, for various reasons. some i wish to share some not.

Sometimes you Believe so Much that you get slap with Someone else's will...and if we are all connected then in theory its my will. i never was in. i was always just toying with the pussy I allowed mystery


my mind

to believe in love once again
to test the boundaries
as she
let her be free
what does it mean to me
to let her
be free
is to let me be free
to persuit
anything and anyone i desire
to give in to plush and lucious
what gives
who gives
i give
she gives
she plays
she knows shes not in charge with me but with them she can run the town and she needs that
i know for sure
just play the game.

dear no one

us men don't have feelings. always remember that my ladies.

fuck feelings.
money and no babies right. prove me wrong. lol
im going to get what i desire

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

when i dont get my way,im infuriated

to know the possibility that someone could be diddling my pooter
 but i must remember nothing is mine
nothing is mine but her. she is mine.
im selffish,
she is all my attachment
i have no attachment
i must remember that and stand next to that
stand next to her
my death.

i pass on the joint this is the only way in my head i can feel strong
and move on and weather that bitch did or not its regardless of me ill still get my peace in again
and that is all that matters
that lady will behave
that little girl will sit down and behave
she has a daddy
and daddy
gets cringed in the pit of the stomach when the baby wins and he gets or feels ge gets played by the baby

fucl this emoetions
fuck your straight to my face.

lies&misdirection? who do they benefit?

shall it be known
its war
in the battle field all is divine and worth a wrist or two.
slacking hommie someone will snatch her up maybe
sometimes shes loyaly and slim on the tracks
may shes shady
boi let it go
say your salutations and see yours to

show up when you want and do it when it pleases

to have
to remove
to aside

rent a side
where is my side
sleepy side
dont need why just at ah just at isent that funny

well damn straight skippy.

she will get hurt by my words/

she will be in pain for my daubts be real.
i fell i cn and will never kneel again.

this is pain.underbreath and unapologetric exept with food or a blow job

im serious i need to work it out and i need to fuck her. shes being shiflada and selfish

so in the end
shes playing this card
shes walking proud
or is she

whaat is her story
im excited to here
a slut little story or a inocent fuck story

her choices came because of habittat its winning me.
she dosent yet. surrounding presure her to be.

she has no resposibility.
or self awareness or intution.
or nah.
maybe shes going through stuff,"

Fuxk it
shes not here

i get it exra shift extra money
i alocate the comotion.

im heart shattered.
lied to
well money is not the root of evil it can buy you happiness.

so just move along no one cares, vent create it it ou then movie along. like
yuck g ov it off


just be who she sees me.`


favors passing out by the starriirs feel like im loving the wrong girole e sir eniiiii


Monday, April 30, 2018

The Path.

Its words and commotion.
its an ocean.

it has been said that more happens in a few years then anything that has happen in years or decades.

come to me words. needed to be said. and say.

this world we live in what truth can you hold on to. a
 dismemberment of feelings, love and emotions.

something is inspired to think and lie within its mind of the truth that once they held to be almost a spark for a fire that never came.

who you thought you could be.

i am the one typing and you the one reading. seeing the curvature. feeling the matrix.

a paradigm. invaded by aliens and awakening thyself.

seeing and feeling going with a higher or flyer self. by yourself yet never alone.

love is decay of the sadness.

hate is the fuel of the fear.

count me in.

i am standing up for myself and the independence of the mind.

we coexist.

those others die out.

peace walks and lives with us.
others wish other things.

i attract positive experiences, live in balance for life is in persistence.

Amen, Czar. Rex i am. Ex-Zen Friends. sofa. Gia'

Peace Among Worlds. Unity Within Dimensions. Loyalty for Love. All are One.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

its going to feel so good to let go

dying. to become. living to evolve.

loving this life is wonderful and i'm grateful, thankful and joyful for this consciousness. if anyone that reads this gets uplifted from reading this:wonderful.

hello and kick in the balls.
or is it a sign of attention.

life was grand. and when they find these please know i did everything with truth to survive and living forth.
now, i'm conscious that people care to see.
oh so aware that its like whoa!

love with an ox Libra is unique.
point it out. love has its real and ups and downs and downs and ups and opinions and levels..

i'm using life or is life using me?

oh what rants come our way now?
what characters de-evolve or sign-off'
i'm telling my mind thoughts that remind me of why i dare to keep living. and just is not enough love is pushing me though.

i love you.