Monday, March 25, 2013

The Threshold Guardian

"I feel unfamiliar with my surroundings like there is this intimate force which at times i think could be severely threatening."
I choose to gain strength from this feeling by learning to outwit them, absorbing their energy and even seeing it as a temporary ally.

My Supernatual Aid began with smoking, the vap'ing marijuana.
Now its mostly meditating, through meditating i have come to understand the essence of the hero is not bravery or nobility, but self sacrifice.
I have endured separation and hardship for the sake of my family. In the past i have become a great example to live yet there was inner turmoil. Now i Feel as though the path i am on is because of my past learning experience's. The price i am paying is my pride, my ego & my jealousy being knocked down. The price i am paying is letting go. to Grab on much more tighter in the near future & the beauty is i will then let go again to Grasp even with more force the next time. Then we create positive life changing habits.

My path is to accept/create/become this new identity.
Which is just me only now with all this new information and experiences in my brain that i use and not let exist with vain. My path has separated me from my family, my friends and from the women i love. I will be honest i have had my nights of sadness, insanity and contemplation. Then I turn to no flower or alcoholic beverage; I turned to my mind. I had to learn what others where raving about. The power and mystery of the mind is at my fingertips and i needed to become aware of it and how to use it.
Though i felt trap to the first enemy of a man living the life of a warrior.
Build your positive daily habits a.k.a. rituals.

So I analyzed, computed & the answer came to me.

Meditation became a necessity its either do it or work out it has become an addiction.
It has become my supernatural aid.
I have stepped into the unknown, yet i feel confident with the help of my mentor that i will prevail.
I will keep my joy and happiness. this is just another chapter of my life and i look forward where this road will take me.
I do have allot of conflicts to go through and people meet.

Each day has a hero's journey.
Each moment has a rhythm that it exist by.
Each year. Each month.
Its those that choose how to invest their knowledge  time and mind in the most productive way that become the example for others to live heaven on earth.

I am learning. I am growing.
I feel that though the obstacles i face seem tremendous its the wisdom that i acquire from my mentor, my lover and the villains i face that will help my soul evolve to a higher consciousnesses.

I have been reluctant with honesty in the past. Now I see and i'm seeing more and more everyday.
I am so happy & joyful for both this life experience and existence! 

the boy is dead.
the dream is gone.
the now has come....

by descartes

The Hero's Call

Joseph Campbell's monomyth, or the hero's journey, is a basic pattern that its proponents argue is found in many narratives from around the world. This widely distributed pattern was described by Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949).[1] An enthusiast of novelist James Joyce, Campbell borrowed the term monomyth from Joyce's Finnegans Wake.[2]
Campbell held that numerous myths from disparate times and regions share fundamental structures and stages, which he summarized in The Hero with a Thousand Faces:
A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.[3]
Campbell and other scholars, such as Erich Neumann, describe narratives of Gautama BuddhaMoses, and Christ in terms of the monomyth and Campbell argues that classic myths from many cultures follow this basic pattern

picture and information 

True. There is Plenty of books like the ones by Carl Jung; that go much deeper into this.

& if you are one of the People that Feel Google is Censored,
Then Bing him or Use your Firefox Search Engine!
Either Way.
To The point.
We humans go through this journey.
We are the hero's of our own story.
.............................................Let that sink in.

My Thoughts.
You  hold the key to reprogram your mind, body and soul.
I give everyone enough rope.
You should to.
This is enough information for one Blog.
Let this soak in and we will pick it up on the next one...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One day at a time I reach new heights and keep on climbing.

My Body is a Temple.
I only Intake Healthy Water, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds & Organic/ Natural Chicken, Fish & sometimes Beef.

If it was process it fails.
If it has flour, yeast or wheat it might sneak in once a blue moon & that was the past. My daily disciplined now is to allow myself to make the healthier choice & go for a walk, eat some almonds or chew on some raises.

You know the phrase, mind over matter.
Well when my mind realized that my body is only made of vibrations & matter; it realized together we can accomplish more with my Pineal Gland being clean & healthy.

My family tells me for the most part I have become a vegetarian & i should eat more.
Then i ponder about their upbringing & see what they have attracted to their life. I am humbled by their style of life. Yet, I deserve to be an example of abundance, of accomplishment, of reaching new mental & spiritual heights.

So, I will go boldly where previous elders have not gone before.
I desire to be therefore I am a great shaman, a respected mystic an example of  positivity. 
I am a man with a life that is full of happiness and giving I experience healthy, positive & joyful abundant living on earth.
So that others that wish to take a same venture, realize with good intentions, a compassionate heart and daily positive rituals.....
(like making healthy food choices or taking time to meditate, even reading 30 minutes of a positive perspective enriching material  maybe you can also offer a friendly ear to a loved one and just listen.)
..... you to can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Dream on.
Live on.
Love on.
May the joy be with you.

Silly Fool Love is For Wise Man.

That is me.(edgardo velez) My current age is 24 years there I was 22. (By Gregorian standards off course)

I had a heart feeling to start of with this picture.
Maybe to show me being naive, though in retrospect i don't feel naive now or the moment i took that picture.
Maybe the tittle of that picture can be called self portrait picture captured by Gus Christopher Fernandez.

Well now that's forever. Eerie and sentimental true this picture could easily out live me by that i mean, one's my mortal body, my flesh is long gone: this picture can & will most likely continue in this plane of existence.
Can i take it with me to the other place my soul will venture to. Maybe. 
How certain am'I of that... 50/50
I like those odds.
Odds are in my favor when it comes to self expression, friendships, wealth & love.
Yet there is a purity missing from this picture as there is from friendships, wealth & love.
They don't have me.
I will never have them.
It is now.
We enjoy it now.
We live it now.
We laugh in now.
We love in now.
We sex in now.
We savor in now
You get the idea.

An Indulgent Trail mix of feelings.
That's a good definition for the experience that stay stored in your memory box.
I to have fallen pray to ownership, of being needing, of being sad, of being dead without you by my side. Then i got hit on the head.
Then i skewed my perspective by in-taking Shrooms.
I open my mind by meditating on Salvia. 
I took on the world with my companion Cannabis.
Things now began to peal....I notice my sense of being the man you run to and the person trying to please everybody as a mind trap. 
I took in the vibrations, i faced some of my inner demons and pains.
I cried.
I yelled.
I caused pain.
I was pain.
I felt evil.
I was evil
My companion stuck with me...
Meditation continued.
My perspective did what any perspective should do when faced with the reality that a human is born free and has the birth right to free his mind from mental slavery.
I went to jail.
A fool never has the gift of love, only the drenched vanity of it.
A wise man rushes in and takes it by the hand because he is ready for it.
Maybe one day i can be a wise man and love again. Take a woman then fill her needs, desires and wants.
One day i will realize that there can be love without having.
Just being in each others common existence.
Sharing the same air.
Living in the same time.
Transcendental love making.
I've been blessed with great friends & family members.
they stand for themselves and when we share time,space & air its only for the benefit of both beings.
A female seems like a vortex of need. That's why when you find that one that can exist in both rays of light.
The ray of being a great friend.
The Ray of being a great family.
Hold on to it.
I've let mine slip away.
Now; I can only say I'm joyful for the partners I've had to perform the humanly flesh act called sex.
I'm joyful for the ones I've made love to.
I see this path as a bridge made of wood and string.
One can burn this bridge...
and one day i will learn how to fortify it.
I keep my heart open.
I have standards. 
I don't fuck on the first night.
Love, what I Do is ....
I Listen....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013



honesty is hard but its worth finding

im sitting conversing with myself.
maybe i went wrong.
i did... wait thats where it begines with my thought...ok...
i re-Frame. my Thought
With a nail in my Head " I did wrong according to outer people according to myself, i did what i had to do, i love myself, as equally as i love everything else combine...."
That is not to say i don't love my family. i Do love you.
I love Edgardo Velez.
George Weinberg
"As I said, men value their independence in a weird way, above practically everything. "

  Independence is important to me.

"You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence. "
Abraham Lincoln
One must be. Loving. in Return With That Same amount of Humbleness...

Swallow your pride occasionally, it's non-fattening!  ~Author Unknown
 Silence is the true friend that never betrays.  ~Confucius

a new day the same moment

This begins with the acceptance that we are bombareded with tons (x) Millions and Tons
The Following is my own opinion.
I know english & spanish.
Well, I'm desedent of aztec & mayan.
In the past 4 days. ive had flour and sugar. I've cosume 3 soda pops.
Im ok. I just splurged. And i noticed when i meditated, it wasent the same & my dreams where not the same.

I noticed chemtrails in the air for the past 2 days.
Maybe this has effected me. I have a runny nose.

Today i had an orange and a banana for breakfest.
lunch was an avocado, pinto beans, onions, one lemon and organic beef jerkey
for snacking i had carrots and oranges.
And potates cooked in cannola oil.
now im sitting typing.
I need to communicate to myself to bleed out my thoughts online.
maybe they can benifit someone out there.maybe they can help you think....
i type the way i feel i should type...
I let my thoughts wonder and reality sink in....

classified subjects of the world have come to my knowledge. how much credibitly do i have with you for you to trust my thoughts.
i care not, i care only for those that see beyond the old rules or new rules. the morals of respect, awareness & joy are what vindicate me.
The Company of the United States of America is own by the United kingdom?
is that possible to belive.
the Federal Reserve is own by a secret group of men.
can this be true.
What do you do ?

The way i see it.
as you get older your realize you cant always depend on your parents, after a moment in time you have to become self independent.
Become self independent is they key, becoming self independent with a respect to your fellow earth-mates is the key to harmony.
There inlines the truth. I will only speak about how to be positive becomes thats what i care for, if i make mentions of others that is all it is:mentions. Like when i meditate and a thought of me fucking the old lady in the store, i pay it no mind; because its just a thought that came to be. My theory: it was her thought that i picked up as a reseoptor during my meditation trance. We are interconnected and as we get older we become more intune with human emotions , feelings and thoughts. Picture a number in your head between 56 and 87 .....picture it.... envision it.... feel it.....its....its.....

Either i was intune with you and thats all i believe it it wasent the number you pictured in your head well, that was me changing the number in your head to see how you would respond to my incorrect answear?

Take a chance with life, when you let the joy in and spread the love!
Compasion embodies you and Heaven on earth begins!