Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a new day the same moment

This begins with the acceptance that we are bombareded with tons (x) Millions and Tons times....wow....Look.
The Following is my own opinion.
I know english & spanish.
Well, I'm desedent of aztec & mayan.
In the past 4 days. ive had flour and sugar. I've cosume 3 soda pops.
Im ok. I just splurged. And i noticed when i meditated, it wasent the same & my dreams where not the same.

I noticed chemtrails in the air for the past 2 days.
Maybe this has effected me. I have a runny nose.

Today i had an orange and a banana for breakfest.
lunch was an avocado, pinto beans, onions, one lemon and organic beef jerkey
for snacking i had carrots and oranges.
And potates cooked in cannola oil.
now im sitting typing.
I need to communicate to myself to bleed out my thoughts online.
maybe they can benifit someone out there.maybe they can help you think....
i type the way i feel i should type...
I let my thoughts wonder and reality sink in....

classified subjects of the world have come to my knowledge. how much credibitly do i have with you for you to trust my thoughts.
i care not, i care only for those that see beyond the old rules or new rules. the morals of respect, awareness & joy are what vindicate me.
The Company of the United States of America is own by the United kingdom?
is that possible to belive.
the Federal Reserve is own by a secret group of men.
can this be true.
What do you do ?

The way i see it.
as you get older your realize you cant always depend on your parents, after a moment in time you have to become self independent.
Become self independent is they key, becoming self independent with a respect to your fellow earth-mates is the key to harmony.
There inlines the truth. I will only speak about how to be positive becomes thats what i care for, if i make mentions of others that is all it is:mentions. Like when i meditate and a thought of me fucking the old lady in the store, i pay it no mind; because its just a thought that came to be. My theory: it was her thought that i picked up as a reseoptor during my meditation trance. We are interconnected and as we get older we become more intune with human emotions , feelings and thoughts. Picture a number in your head between 56 and 87 .....picture it.... envision it.... feel it.....its....its.....

Either i was intune with you and thats all i believe it it wasent the number you pictured in your head well, that was me changing the number in your head to see how you would respond to my incorrect answear?

Take a chance with life, when you let the joy in and spread the love!
Compasion embodies you and Heaven on earth begins!

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