Monday, February 25, 2013

Building a Discipline

When i speak i speak to the wall.
its the only think that i know wont, fuck im not kidding.
Im just excersise my rights as a human to speak my mind.
Blogger. is something like a digital journal.
Speak at it ill manifest!
I rebond on corn tortillas today i had 3...
i feel indifrent because...I yet and sacrificing. and still in a transition. its like all these little hexagons are around me and sometimes i give in other time i realize i dont give in and i am wiser, stronger and better. something of a deceotion of a lingering effect of the abnormanilies of human life... heaven on earth.
I am blessed to have a body, a mind and a soul.
mY awareness. is growing, X-men.
I need to channel this in.
I am thankful for your opurtunity and will begin when i feel ready. taking my time and learning rhymes...
i owe a friend and apology another a 800 and some, a hug. i had the desire to be with you when we spoke. and now all i want to do is toke...
I promise to myself. be more out more and be more daring..
Sentence. words. love. & passion. i want to rape myself in old fashion.
fly's surround my mexican plate.
rio brave lives in no tragic state.
its not me, its them. silence is a friend.
Permiating. pearcing. jumble jamble... scripts a thougt.i  feel them and there knots.
they kill themselves with thoughts.
you kill yourself nimrod.
i want to venture far and wide. i do it every day i die.
i wish is something of an illusion. and you are filled with radiant delusions.
sugar. coccaine. candy. sprite. are all the things that make you feel alright.
sometimes we do fall back in and its up to ourselves to let it begin...
sex. love and motorbikes. i give two hoots of how you feel tonight,
you want my dick inside your pussy.
delete. delete. delete. such powerful is our heat.
the end.

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