Friday, May 29, 2015

clocking in to life

are you running late
is there a thought right now that your aware of?
im grateful for te opportunity to work: i just noticed something: maybe i should notice: noticing: or thinking of the now:
more yoga thats the secret: is there a secret? 
my life has been what i have attracted into my life: before i was not aware : yet i was in motion: i now can make heartfelt commotions: i feel a calmness about me: must this be maturity: 
i think so: 

Friday, May 22, 2015

life is what you make it:

the reflection tells me what i need to know:
creating life with the actions i take:
setting in motion future comotion
all the time is no time at all
life is a word to describe: illustrate and project: a human tittle :for the unified counsiousness reality existence'

my life is my own : means to me i am an awared brain: 

change brings on rain!

i give meaning to my words: