Tuesday, March 31, 2015

i allowed myself: & i will stand strong'

today: i put myself in a situation. 

i give myself permision to live to ask to be free and love and live

i forgive myself: because today is the day to do my taxes and i have to do them'
if i desire to go to school: 
school is out weighing olive garden...
sti sober . still single and still skywalking!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

literature by Edgardo V.

Company seekers
Alien Sneakers
Soldem Weeps
science beekers

bookkeeper of my dreams
logger of my heart
tracker of my art
sexual assault fiend

now is mine
and how is yours

bow to ties
and lies no more

rapture hurts
then she squirts
please don't make it a lot of fun to use it for a few weeks of my favorite part of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be 
not to be

my satire will leave and bleed
my animal eyes shed skin of ashes
my cocoa is an eraser melting
my concept of your reality is discovering itself
dissecting itself
distinguishing itself
deliberately daunting dubious distractions 
whats to know more through experince 
desires to be on the path of the one.
well said:well motion
time is valuable. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

a few pounds and an oscar

questions that hunger me
leasons of crime
your passion illusive and nothig to hold

vigor for saints
wine for the sinners
bread for the sheep

those with shame weep

why did i leave myself open like that: now im venturing in experince never before: cant turn back now right' lol'

im living long and prosper 
happy, affluential & with vitality 

listen to some bob dyaln recently

people control
im doing my part to legislate your love and desire to develop myself
how much time do j have to enjoy & j give my time so a small ammount to be truth to the core is very important