Saturday, December 26, 2015

as much as i can say for now


what are you expecting?

why are you curious?

when did you experience this?

who is the creative genius to this arrangements of words?

i know what i'm not or what i don't care for'

i'm at peace. yet not still.
i'm centered yet persuing' 
chill to the mac yet focus to kill.

scary thought it is: to know the person in front of you feels they have to act the way they do: i can not hold you accountable for not knowing what you dont know.


when your actions speak in the form of making me feel quizzical or pensive' 

there energy infects, i have to really raise the bar of the humans i allow myself to be around me'

sex: a metaphorical duel sword to a self aware /conscious  mind.... wield it mindfully'

Friday, December 25, 2015

a day of reflection

this feeeling of being aproved of fitting in on your own terms'
this reality of being you'
this acceptence of who you are and what you are perceived as'

its okay to seperate myself
i am allowed
i give myself the right'

i love, 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

in closed: crammed :

(el puto es)
what if its all guts
hold it steady
i dont waiver or wonder 
i do allow & explore

ehy dbh
or why or why?

this way
for nothing 
feel the past 
reach for future thoughts 

jingle, jingle, jingle 
tell me about chris
not larry finkle

they speaks secrets
i speak cheek steady 
this is our-weekends
yet, for you; I'm ready

Saturday, December 12, 2015

it has been an up hill'

the says and thoughts all come together'
the aquire a new sofa
chair with me yoir fealings
share no more of your feelines

i have time to share a rant
only trie thing about that
nevet mind anout the animatrd bat
his mind was always more then about that

maturity and peace
seldom is heard 
my wife lost her nerve
and the cowboys are winning today!

its ben very hard
eapecially dealing with myself 
me getting lost or carried awau by old habbits i dont have to be that way anymore and i'm glad i am now accepting the present i  created for myself with the help of those around me and those I reached out to'

life is so long when you start  taking time
to do what needs to be done
yet ironically the happenings 
are over
so enjoy the adventure and the climp up the mountain
for the end will happen regardless if you make it or not....

put effort into it.


Monday, December 7, 2015

no labels 'nymore

school. chiropractors.
Therapy. Lessons. slacking =no.
i have to tell you this is life be created'is  mine to live...