Saturday, December 26, 2015

as much as i can say for now


what are you expecting?

why are you curious?

when did you experience this?

who is the creative genius to this arrangements of words?

i know what i'm not or what i don't care for'

i'm at peace. yet not still.
i'm centered yet persuing' 
chill to the mac yet focus to kill.

scary thought it is: to know the person in front of you feels they have to act the way they do: i can not hold you accountable for not knowing what you dont know.


when your actions speak in the form of making me feel quizzical or pensive' 

there energy infects, i have to really raise the bar of the humans i allow myself to be around me'

sex: a metaphorical duel sword to a self aware /conscious  mind.... wield it mindfully'

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