Sunday, October 1, 2017

its going to feel so good to let go

dying. to become. living to evolve.

loving this life is wonderful and i'm grateful, thankful and joyful for this consciousness. if anyone that reads this gets uplifted from reading this:wonderful.

hello and kick in the balls.
or is it a sign of attention.

life was grand. and when they find these please know i did everything with truth to survive and living forth.
now, i'm conscious that people care to see.
oh so aware that its like whoa!

love with an ox Libra is unique.
point it out. love has its real and ups and downs and downs and ups and opinions and levels..

i'm using life or is life using me?

oh what rants come our way now?
what characters de-evolve or sign-off'
i'm telling my mind thoughts that remind me of why i dare to keep living. and just is not enough love is pushing me though.

i love you.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Love is now

Work at it or be smart

It's love

Over time it's a variety of what can be and who is there over all life is fair be yourself and hold on tight it's your life if you feel me your all right!