Friday, January 15, 2016

i wrote a long blog once

then i clicked back a*k*a made an error ' a mistake' and gone it was...
this is what remains:
a check from yevo is what i need a check from yevo is what i want a check from yevo i just received: for providing my time to the community with the efforts to remind them how to manage, run and operate: there  own business, ethical life and self worth! 
partner up with yevo'
then eatablish evsowrd with Morinda Bioactives and Evswordfilms with Workd ventures.
truth be told i enjoy organo gold bug some' investor i am'
bueno pues'
dios dame la fortalezA
parra cumplir esra meta de ser gannador de mejor network marketer ser año'quiro cumplir con mi corazon lo que me gusta acer' y eso es ayudar, dar hiatories y vicir la felizidad'
some iseas are food others sit and rot'
listen i dont know if know you and if i do i would  mot have no reesaon what takes
not a bus' not a necessary reason to please more lime i'm developing my necessity to be myself....inam myself' i am a man. because i define success my way and acxompliah it of nunber iy ' check

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Morinda Bioactives'

new mentors on the horizon
& just like you diversify your portfolio and or investments: you must also with the ways you intake knowledge' 
Listen guys there is time for this and so much more & I believe there should be landmarks/visual aids/ checkpoints of others prior you passing that route. We need to now accept we are creatures of state of existing or beings; the outside represents how we resonate inside'
These are just my opinions and 
thoughts i had and felt necessary to share.
-Edgardo V.F.