Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Silly Fool Love is For Wise Man.

That is me.(edgardo velez) My current age is 24 years there I was 22. (By Gregorian standards off course)

I had a heart feeling to start of with this picture.
Maybe to show me being naive, though in retrospect i don't feel naive now or the moment i took that picture.
Maybe the tittle of that picture can be called self portrait picture captured by Gus Christopher Fernandez.

Well now that's forever. Eerie and sentimental true this picture could easily out live me by that i mean, one's my mortal body, my flesh is long gone: this picture can & will most likely continue in this plane of existence.
Can i take it with me to the other place my soul will venture to. Maybe. 
How certain am'I of that... 50/50
I like those odds.
Odds are in my favor when it comes to self expression, friendships, wealth & love.
Yet there is a purity missing from this picture as there is from friendships, wealth & love.
They don't have me.
I will never have them.
It is now.
We enjoy it now.
We live it now.
We laugh in now.
We love in now.
We sex in now.
We savor in now
You get the idea.

An Indulgent Trail mix of feelings.
That's a good definition for the experience that stay stored in your memory box.
I to have fallen pray to ownership, of being needing, of being sad, of being dead without you by my side. Then i got hit on the head.
Then i skewed my perspective by in-taking Shrooms.
I open my mind by meditating on Salvia. 
I took on the world with my companion Cannabis.
Things now began to peal....I notice my sense of being the man you run to and the person trying to please everybody as a mind trap. 
I took in the vibrations, i faced some of my inner demons and pains.
I cried.
I yelled.
I caused pain.
I was pain.
I felt evil.
I was evil
My companion stuck with me...
Meditation continued.
My perspective did what any perspective should do when faced with the reality that a human is born free and has the birth right to free his mind from mental slavery.
I went to jail.
A fool never has the gift of love, only the drenched vanity of it.
A wise man rushes in and takes it by the hand because he is ready for it.
Maybe one day i can be a wise man and love again. Take a woman then fill her needs, desires and wants.
One day i will realize that there can be love without having.
Just being in each others common existence.
Sharing the same air.
Living in the same time.
Transcendental love making.
I've been blessed with great friends & family members.
they stand for themselves and when we share time,space & air its only for the benefit of both beings.
A female seems like a vortex of need. That's why when you find that one that can exist in both rays of light.
The ray of being a great friend.
The Ray of being a great family.
Hold on to it.
I've let mine slip away.
Now; I can only say I'm joyful for the partners I've had to perform the humanly flesh act called sex.
I'm joyful for the ones I've made love to.
I see this path as a bridge made of wood and string.
One can burn this bridge...
and one day i will learn how to fortify it.
I keep my heart open.
I have standards. 
I don't fuck on the first night.
Love, what I Do is ....
I Listen....

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