Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One day at a time I reach new heights and keep on climbing.

My Body is a Temple.
I only Intake Healthy Water, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds & Organic/ Natural Chicken, Fish & sometimes Beef.

If it was process it fails.
If it has flour, yeast or wheat it might sneak in once a blue moon & that was the past. My daily disciplined now is to allow myself to make the healthier choice & go for a walk, eat some almonds or chew on some raises.

You know the phrase, mind over matter.
Well when my mind realized that my body is only made of vibrations & matter; it realized together we can accomplish more with my Pineal Gland being clean & healthy.

My family tells me for the most part I have become a vegetarian & i should eat more.
Then i ponder about their upbringing & see what they have attracted to their life. I am humbled by their style of life. Yet, I deserve to be an example of abundance, of accomplishment, of reaching new mental & spiritual heights.

So, I will go boldly where previous elders have not gone before.
I desire to be therefore I am a great shaman, a respected mystic an example of  positivity. 
I am a man with a life that is full of happiness and giving I experience healthy, positive & joyful abundant living on earth.
So that others that wish to take a same venture, realize with good intentions, a compassionate heart and daily positive rituals.....
(like making healthy food choices or taking time to meditate, even reading 30 minutes of a positive perspective enriching material  maybe you can also offer a friendly ear to a loved one and just listen.)
..... you to can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Dream on.
Live on.
Love on.
May the joy be with you.

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