Monday, March 25, 2013

The Threshold Guardian

"I feel unfamiliar with my surroundings like there is this intimate force which at times i think could be severely threatening."
I choose to gain strength from this feeling by learning to outwit them, absorbing their energy and even seeing it as a temporary ally.

My Supernatual Aid began with smoking, the vap'ing marijuana.
Now its mostly meditating, through meditating i have come to understand the essence of the hero is not bravery or nobility, but self sacrifice.
I have endured separation and hardship for the sake of my family. In the past i have become a great example to live yet there was inner turmoil. Now i Feel as though the path i am on is because of my past learning experience's. The price i am paying is my pride, my ego & my jealousy being knocked down. The price i am paying is letting go. to Grab on much more tighter in the near future & the beauty is i will then let go again to Grasp even with more force the next time. Then we create positive life changing habits.

My path is to accept/create/become this new identity.
Which is just me only now with all this new information and experiences in my brain that i use and not let exist with vain. My path has separated me from my family, my friends and from the women i love. I will be honest i have had my nights of sadness, insanity and contemplation. Then I turn to no flower or alcoholic beverage; I turned to my mind. I had to learn what others where raving about. The power and mystery of the mind is at my fingertips and i needed to become aware of it and how to use it.
Though i felt trap to the first enemy of a man living the life of a warrior.
Build your positive daily habits a.k.a. rituals.

So I analyzed, computed & the answer came to me.

Meditation became a necessity its either do it or work out it has become an addiction.
It has become my supernatural aid.
I have stepped into the unknown, yet i feel confident with the help of my mentor that i will prevail.
I will keep my joy and happiness. this is just another chapter of my life and i look forward where this road will take me.
I do have allot of conflicts to go through and people meet.

Each day has a hero's journey.
Each moment has a rhythm that it exist by.
Each year. Each month.
Its those that choose how to invest their knowledge  time and mind in the most productive way that become the example for others to live heaven on earth.

I am learning. I am growing.
I feel that though the obstacles i face seem tremendous its the wisdom that i acquire from my mentor, my lover and the villains i face that will help my soul evolve to a higher consciousnesses.

I have been reluctant with honesty in the past. Now I see and i'm seeing more and more everyday.
I am so happy & joyful for both this life experience and existence! 

the boy is dead.
the dream is gone.
the now has come....

by descartes

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