Saturday, February 14, 2015

i love you!

hey guys hope you've been good.
Firsy off Hally Valentines day. 
I want to say I love you and i appreciateyou  okay' i need you to be aware that its not a sexual kind of love its a humanly love: friendship. kindren spirits. amigos. compadres. brotherhood. bros. mutants. mystics. wolves. vampires. loners. stoners. builders. innovators. Skywalkers.

you have inffluence my life some how or another. & yes there is also the painters. artist. producers. mentors. leaders. well you know...

I have to allow myself to say what i came to say. i'm not always happy okay. i go throuhj my sadness as well or as sad as any of you. i just choose to express those feeelings and vent those emotions in my own creative way: like this is a perfect example. here. here is where i can speak that part of my mind. there is something so special about sharing that part of my mind with you: you see the secret is speak your reality and it shall manifest thanks to the results brought forth through your actions that where nourished by your philosophy and certainty in your beliefs.

So in writing te nature is to wist away and play with the ideas: decide. Now is the time to decide. 
Then Speak it out loud alone & sometimes with company repeat it with true resolve.
This works magic. Magic is yours to weild. By Speaking you attract that relates to what you speak. By Writing you determine what you want to speak. By Writing: to me (remember these are my opinions) is a way to discover your inner voice. Writing: it allows you to create alternate realities.
Writings sets that energy you not need to carry around to go somewhere it can exist in peace. i sent all unecessary energy to this blogg. i sent all lingerig washed up and un-worldly energy to these words and may you find a home here. may you illuminate the darkness with your bizark ideas bozork thougts and bonockers way of living. i sent all stagnet energy to this blogg to truelly express the truth of writing. i sent some creative juices where necessary.  & i aent all of my lathargic energy into my bloggs so you can get an idepth appreciation of my thouhts. i share with you my naked emotions. my ideas of pain. so you can see im also human like you. & just like you humans are more then meets the eye. 
supernovas  we are!
energy with flesh exteriors.
souls with a body to use in this tangible world.
happiness with the danger to enjoy laughter and smiles with the world.
a contradictions you must grow to understand.
love is so simple when you let expectations be an exclusive word only critics , stock traitors and comintatora can use.
now is the time you allow yourself to be your nature. because if we all act our nature and let it free flow we discover we are all unique.
Namaste. n Happy Valentines Day amigos y familia!

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