Friday, February 27, 2015

Perfect Time To Post.

In Reality: your perspective is moldeble. Now, this is note worthy; every angel gets ita winga because of a bad deed: done right. 

A new light: a new story.
An accord full of thoughts. 
A seed can create a boat.
My story is exclusive only to those aware.


The awareness that i speak about comes from experince: thia experince comes from life itself.

Hasting. Slowly. Faster. in a timely manner...

Bro. Sis. Mother. trips.
Life in shambles...
Lords of laughter...
Gave me something to go after...

So till that day and till that moan' 
my life on earth is still to unfold

far beyond your deepest dreams.
far behind those leftover thoughts.
far beyond into the sea.
far behind after the body rots.

the story rings true to those that sot the simple life that is based on got



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