Saturday, January 31, 2015

in the past

i apoligize for my past actions. ease up. judgement is to be ignorant to reality. i regret things ive done and i have forgiven myself. regret standing for reality embodying grandeur relapses enternaly tomorrow.
tomorrow never comes. 
its all the same moment.
today is tomorrows yesterday.
i believe in that. i believe in me.
i believe what i have done in the past i rightfully did with and to the best of my knowledge.
i apply what i learn at my speed.
my pace is unique. 
im on a mega bus.
im an entertainer. & im going to focus on my musical career and let all other aspects of entertainment trinkle into my life.
im a student of life & im going to start school as a hobby: im concentrated on medical: Dr. ???? Si!
im family. im travel. im leisure. 
im listening. im living. im skywalking.
im edgardo f. v.
one day i will choose to be a father under the winter sky while i lay with my lady by my side. i care to be dad and raise my child alone. i will attract the love i deserve into my life all in due time. 
right now that is not a priority.
my priority is to elevate my family, the community & our society!
the game of fhrones is real. im living it.  & im playing the real life version everyday. small circles' close knits' sane partnershipa.
with rants & raves every now & then.
who ever may be reading this just know i write to let my mind flow out the thoughts if has. we are ment to flow and be effortles. my intentions are to be me to the fullest: to live, experince, create & love!

I'm a mutant. & my gift is :
to wield/bring forth into our shared existence/unity reality what i invision with my mind, will & imagination: i meditate
to fortify/re-charge & stay intune with this god:gift.
thank you for the bleasing!
gracias! yo estoy muy agradecido! 
gracias! yo eatoy feliz, contento y viviendo!

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