Saturday, January 17, 2015

I now have a touchscreen phone. I am up to date on cell phone technology'

Captains log Stargate we're actually on earth so Earth Day by Gregorian calendar it should beSaturday, January 17 2015th Bible 7 PM weight not Bible we not but no not Bible exclude Bible just 5:07 PM they ego no there you go perfect. Figure it out

Now that I have begun using this new technology I will utilize it to its full potential and " maximize my return of investment.

My emotions are at bay to say the least I noticed the whims of others & I noticed the wins, the change and I noticed the way you speak

No nothing is new under the sun the only thing that is new is that which is not to say unexpected just on precedented me I am present to the moment that whatever comes out of this is just an experiment worth the try or an error kiss kiss kiss no stop robotic voice speaking to you but I am in a full character character is named that I chose

Well that did not go as well those that are still bearing with me on this project of mine where I speak to that machine and the machine they taste my words dictates my words my words are being dictated by the machine lips and teeth and teeth and tongue and tongue and lips and teeth lips and cheats and tits and Tichy Pucci Lucci Gucci Mucci Fuji Tucci will Jima in 10

Okay I made a promise and I did not keep it that broke my trust in myself for that month I had to regain trust myself and I have again I am okay with what's going on around me because I do not control my surroundings I only have control over my choices

Choice is the power to say that I am fake in the sense of not being aware of who I am is to say that I am nonexisting I do not exist I am nothing nothing is what I am I am just words on a screen a digital background a background made of pixels and thoughts carried through electrons and protons s and all those kind of atoms dictate the reality and they manifest through our thoughts and consciousness 

Are frequencies are important those that make out the information here would find a secret that they can put close to their heart the ship is coming down now and as the captain of the ship I must tell you I cannot let myself be known to you I must only be known to myself

Earth will happen things will live I will call off and you will brief take me in and out and go this poetry of life and slow

Women I love them I cannot get enough of them yet I can only desire one my heart only beats for every single one in every single one is only one because when I'm with 101 yet I only need one to feel as want to be the one to have you I don't want you if you're not the one so I'm is finding through all the ones everyone has oneand yet I'm going to go the one and one are together now and the one and one want me now but I want you and I can have the barrier of the one is far greater than the sum of all it's not me can see you will you and me against the time of self so if the brings me life the self that tells me laugh is better but yet I have no chatter

I'm heartbroken but my heart has been healed by myself I complete myself and I don't need you like that I don't desire you or your thoughts like thatand by that I mean for you to come in here and be so mean and so conniving to allow myself to believe the way you believe in life is the way I'm on the should be dictated. 

I let go of what doesn't hurt because what doesn't hurt hurts me the most I let go of nothing because nothing is everything that you have built insideI did go of those moments that held me back go of your back that moves around the new round around I noticed now the time is good 
I want you to live in my neighborhood
I want to let go and trust and I want to phone love I have your kids this what you told me but then I say baby girl I'm not the man for you today

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