Saturday, November 29, 2014

a better blog to come.

In advance this is a no pic blogg.

Yo, that moment when your blogg all deletes iself bcause you click the wrong button on your blackberry.
What I was saying was: the future is grand. you might not know coming, or care to imagine coming: either way,I' can. damn cool. that the correct way I' can. an the in correct way is anyway but that way.
Keep reading. I'm chillen with my roomates ad seeing them play there videos games and man its like a little movie.
THere playing gtA5(that stands for grand theft auto 5) on what you literaly call a play station(there on the fourt version of the play staion)
Well. enough said about that.
Because al wanted to say was. that te future bright for gaming and the gaming industry.
Lifes going good. just went trhough a dry spell. money was hard to come by as a server aother mployments ()yo f wing advance, sme wrds might not cme out so finishing this blogg, me motivated to obtain  new phone. wll attract a new oto yy life, will atrract a new phone o m life N N ,, , ,,,, ill actract a new phone to yfe use boost sit will obatin anew boss phone,soon! will obtain a new pgone soon.

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