Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Update.

Make it your intention to be unique.

Separation: Incomplete.
I'm loving  life. i'm dealing with nothing.
my air is inconsistently uncertain the mind is of a being lost and tired of telling you how reality can bend to my will, i deem this blog for you
The universe that can exist with chaos. your walls are the thin shades of grey that in my perspective seems like a perfect grey line.
I cast out all negative energy and limiting beliefs from this blog space and all future blog spaces i interfere or come across to and/or become a contributing writer there for you have no right to come around here no more. anymore times you come to mind its only to realize the sentence has ended.

I have been to the time and place where my word was bond and my word weights nothing. i have taken this body to the place of ugly truth and recognition of misery. to be angry at myself or care to respect my authority is such a laughter.
i care not to venture where your thoughts may linger i care to rant and roam , free of liberty for all and justice to the rich and valiant. this needs to be an issue between me and dis0honesty.
your letters come to me and unity. your cries come to be and fly. "your kindness i rape and take your kids for they have no free mind to liberate."
What? what can possibly be it now?
the burning the gasses, the non check ups the let me downs, do i not care for the truth, and i only a minute a way and just froukle about it all.
what can i mustard up to vindicate myself- oh-no-fake-fake fake - self conscious, self aware. i know what you do in the dark, i know what you see, i see what you know:
how can i be mad its just a habit.
a thought that manifest a demon spawn that eats my life force.
you have no right to be here, i want my life back.
i want happiness. i want ignorance. i want here the word shame right now for i am redundant.

do i?
ever, no!
once i was myself...
i bully myself....
i tell myself...these things...
i cry...
i don't care for life and i love living...
i want to jack out...
my demon is to powerful to let me go....
my angel is satisfied and care for me to go to heaven...
it says he ready. let him die"
his number 7 is up.
his number 7 is up.
im six .
im six
im six,
im six.
im six.

im edgardo velez.
my grandfather was dying. i wanted to be there for him(the last days of life he had)
an interruption.

how should i conclude this thought.
oh yes.
there is just no way im going to make 3 grand in 5 days.
there is just no way im going to buy a car in 4 days.
there is just no way im going to be in san antonio by 7 days.
oh god.
i just dont fucking believe it!
no fucking way im blackbolt in the new inhumans movie coming out!
Shit yeah!
We gots to get paid!


Music Cue.
Scene;Fade to Black.

(Voice over)

& there he was just a man.
out of his metaphorical cocoon
 and into the the playground
we know as earth
ah i'm tired of typing for now i will continue till the music fades out to.
ill blah blah this and blah blah that. your so witty ill slap a kitties hat with a wanton bat.

i came here to speak honestly with these people.
a veil is not what is needed now.
now we need him.
the chosen one. the real one.

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