Friday, January 30, 2015

i think about you still.

its not simple to admit. i was me. and guessing is not an anawear. what was i resisting. i begame. its a twisted perspective. im singled out. im not understanding. i am doing things more for me now choosing more now. you cant  tell but you dont care. im a waitinf room. where are you?
are you sobering up?
are you letting go. giving in. journey within. go deeper jnto the thoughts tou dont believe you can manifest.
i can only give you my ideas and my perapectives and time waits on no man. what am doing with my day to day is what i do with mt day to day. habits create thes' 
im not even worrrief. im just hungry for the right food. its when i become self contious about myelf that i felt loved. by a love that we all know and are famiar with.
this form  of communication is somewhat mind communication. in the future people can say this inspired us to develop mental telephaty. what I'm saying is not something farfetched. something more inpulaice can yoh makenit speak up ans sag:beljx

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