Friday, January 30, 2015


im edgardo v. f. aka rex skywalker
christopher f. aka 
christian h. aka
anairamy r. aka
esteban r. aka
sebastian h. aka
brenda y. r. aka
kevin h. aka
eric L. aka
enrique g. aka
sonia h. aka
jonathan h. aka
my cousins honarary skywalkers
my cirlce is small
my reach is omnipresent
my reality is mine to dictate through my beliefs. habits. actions. routines and practices. 
i live by the amenzar code of honors. the way of the skywalker'... with full vigor, vitality & excenfrence. omnievee! to atract sophagias and zodeimsa partners. evsword to remind me of me. i am one with god amd together we create my life experince: i must respect the balance. the gift of life. i must expand and grow! im not like any of my family members and they are not like me. we do not complete each other. and we can all exist independent of each other. we are all kings and queens of out choose  craft hobby and proffesion. we unite to fortify communication and the human evolution! we dreamed big. we know when we are satiafied. we stay humble. we are family before amything. some of us explore some of us root us to our family. some of us go deep inside ourselfs and some go create with there hands. time as riped us and build us back up the way we imagine and allowed ourselves to be. we are learning that we have the power to choose amd dictate our reality. we give our time only to that wiched will uplift us. we invest our time wisely for is the only thing once gone it never comes back....

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