Saturday, June 20, 2015

asking the right kinda questions

hibernation: speaking easy
i know your reading this who ever you are: my part is to put it out there and get it off my chest' 
who am i?
i renaissance man.
i enjoy and if if that is not available what do i do: i do what i care to do' i do what i desire to do'
i am happy with who: i" am!
my choices have created my experinces and in exchange the resultans and re-actions have leade me to my faith & pjilosophy in the power of my minds unity awareness and gift with the world and this reality existence' yeah i love to do what i do: thats whay i do it i care to experince what i choose to experince: i know i live with my siblings under my parents roof: i know my situation of reality i have come to accepty surroundings ; i mean i am only aiming to impresss myself in what i can accomplish on thoa earth plane; what i care about comes naturally: & yes ' facing my growing pains: i'm 27 years of age according to the gregorian calender: yet i feel about 1000 plus! 
sometimeS; i beat myself up for actions or behavior that i know is counter oh my past deaires: then there is this conflict of interest sometimeS: i feel i'm writing thia for you and i dont know who you are' 
i feel i love you: i feel i miss you' i am being me and allowing myself to dictate my reality: i'm thinking about sharing my body sexually & intamite with a female'  i need to allow myself the women of my dreams: the success i desire and the life i envision to happen now! its healthy' im healthy & wealthy! i have an abundance of material and spiritual energy & i'm blessed & grateful for being affluential' the loyalty of my companion and myself towards myself is sweet energy that just fuels me to live longer and keep experincing! i want to pause right here and talk more with you later ciao

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