Tuesday, September 29, 2015

kd conservatory!

i' have delegated  enough. sparatick. realitck. wait. for no. one. me and you we are a like. i took my time and stayed consistent. yeah' i will still accomplish my doctorine: soon enough: co creating! lets make this happen first; my career as a performer: i realize i have to countinue being more low key then before' more focus more in the zone. oh my god' alm these emotional ideas of what should be and what must be' they only person responsible for my experince in life is me' so whay have i done' experience, then denied, i've lied to some loved ones and have asked for forgiveness: i've stolen and forgiven myself for all my un moral actions; if any curve balls come my way : I only ask god for the strength to face on the life moment/ experience and choose with the best of my abilities: & gut!
i ask for the wisdom to know the difference between the things i can change, the events k can create and the moments i can allow to happen'
i pray to be effortless in my day to day!
I pray to be an intrument of storytelling!
there is more to be said... for now this is what i want to say. i love myself & i accept myself for you i am! Keep living it up brother! Namaste! 

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