Monday, September 19, 2016

Update on what and who I am up until now

Disregard the past!

Me right now.
Brown with victorious wreathes....

None sequential
Sedentary. Or. Sendementary....?
You make me want to fuck you.
And with passion.
I'm contagious. Leave me alone.
Stay far away. You ' ll need medicine....oh god. Just need a friend. That enjoy love making. Sex. Penetration. And insertion.

Follow me, and not everyone else.
When my group becomes a crown join us or coexist.....

My father.out father. A fairy tale of no other. My brother. There mother, no here mother. Oh see mother. In the sea mother.
Without them mother.
Expelled mother. Repelled mother.

Pink Floyd mother'


Really, I have to let go.

I see he is here now...not like before in pain, lies or I trust.... Do I take steps where my silence grows?
!!!!!!!!!!    ( .) (. )

I will get life insurance.
I will get health insurance.
I will get my own place(houseorstud.apt)
I wi get my own car.
I will use y money wisely.
I Give Esteban His place.
I Give Anairamy Her place.
I Give Brenda Her Place.
I Give Martha Her place.
I Give Mariano His Place.

I Give Edgardo his own time, and trust in others therefore himself.

Go on.
take care of yourself.
Tahitian Noni, Morinda Citrafolia.
Isagenix, product B.
,Vegan Shake.
World ventures.
Organs gold.
Coffee berry.
Pro image.

And there is so many more.

You'll come to me and I'll come back and add you frequently....
Hey find new ways of creating income....allow them to chase you as you chase your dreams. There is medication there is meditation. MAt u r batik .

Or masturbation'

Does she read this
Hopeless romantic. Or romantically hopeless.
Or hopefully a romantic.
I am hopeful.
I am romantic.

I came go help.but they helped me.
I came to be helped and o helped them.

It is what it is. Now next step has to be unique surprisingly original and it has to have a pet cameo.....

Why. Find your own why.
Do you accept.
Do you hope.
Do you believe.
Do you trust.
Do you live.
Okay then. Let's talk.
Because I want to fall I. Love.

Love you know.
A special day.
A species that evolves as it goes.
A feeling In the chest a vibration In the mind....
Skip for Organized minds... Be ware of the distance... Oh Edgardo tell the world how your life has not been easy and how you are responsible for all that is around you and all that you are loving tell the world that they too can live a happy and great life. Let it out in any way shape or form. I have so much questions. Answers Come and go. They sometimes satisfy, answers . Sometimes I become to conscious....I enjoy auto pilot. I really love Letting go.....I Dream of flying and living a life of a superhero. Selfless , eternal. King of kings thoughts do enter my mind and I am okay....who has my back when it Comes to standing for your rights...
Stand strong for what I believe in . It's set this way. So play it accept it.cope with it. Live it go for it. Dude. Push yourself to your what you thought was a limit.....

And then go. Beyond.
Grandparents . Aunts. Uncles. Relatives. Cousins.everyone world wide that is human.
Follow your positive impulses.......evolve,love and create.

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