Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stay on your focus don't let this blog distract you.

I do.
I chase. I catch. I heal. I deal. I feal.
I take time and I have found my face....

This life is mine....
Of one.
Mine and yours.
Who's tour but us. I care not about the sma struggles of the click and day.
No one. Law of attraction. To all. Not one. Law of attraction. Missed spelled. Troubled. Young. Bit getting old. Older. But yet so young.
I'm hungry but I'm not starving....searching...clearly telling you the lies in form of truth and the truth in direct indirectness.
But the lies themselves have slivers of truth and hints of honesty.

Drive. I'm driving and telling my family I need help.
So they do.
Go live. Go help. Be a rock...

Cry on your own.
Break the laws.
Break the rules.
Bend the metal.
Shatter the diamonds.

Empty and Clear.
Alone and Alive.
Frank and Dave.
Zoo and School.

Genuine and TRANSPARENT.
Genial and MYSTERIOUS.
Godly and SENTIENT.
Growing and EVOLVING.


I read something that said, "starve your distractions and feed your focus."

It's been heartbreaking to see only a few of my tactics work to get what I need to grow and evolve. Yet it heals me to know ita only part of the growth I'm going as a human.

Each of us has the power.
And there is something so strong in my brain and myself that tells me to stay true to my path.

It's not that iys self assurance. Or something like that maybe it's being positive.

Strike in. Go live. Strive to be eternal or to live and die.

Dive in to society and let it form around your stable and just life, be yourself and make mistakes and change your mind.

Yet hold on to those ideas that have helped.

My family and those related to me.
My sisters, brothers and cousins.
My aunts , uncles, parents and grandparents.

If ever need to know anything of my just ask.

Just know.
If I don't reach out to you. It's not personal. It's just I'm on my Hero's journey. My expedition to create a life via the power of Action, making and keeping friendships, creating new ways to share my ideas and myrself , I'm speaking up when I believe I should and then I Roll with the punches there after....

I desire to do this on my own.
No pics here for now. Just a novel of words.usually I put pics. Right now. I just needed to vent. I feel the pressure of people's desire for money, Acceptance and self pleasure. Yet I also see the results of acting on ignorant rebellious fear driven fearlessness.

I am hope.

Love, compassion, will, fear, avarice, hate,life and death. All are reference to _______________

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