Monday, May 30, 2016

marijuana: i always share

do your best yo offer help. always ne considerate; we skywalkers must stick together.
it hurts me the most for me not to be considerate. i enjoy being me the guy that thinks of others: are you paranoid?

but why not offer: if and when wait we are blood why keep it to yourself: oh wait; i see... your taking the higher road.

its all good. if i was you and i only knew what you know based on your own experinces well you to would have only an understanding up to the point of your life experience : i wont hold it against you; i just would like to ask

do you treat others the way you want them to treat you?

because i've heard and seen in my life that the more you give unconditionally the more sweet surprises and serendipitious events happen in your life...

i mean when it comes down to it; you would want me to smoke you out aswell right? and even if it was just one bowl....

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