Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rise of Planet Skywalkers Build up hype mind Thing

WHy not right ... Hey I Appreciate your time with this share common side bio:tech engineered invention, mechanism machine type thingy Communicator.,.. with added peaces ....Why not say what is in your heart... why not follow your heart and trust your gut,.... i'm going forth not stopping like a train... i seek not thrills or chills.,... i seek in giving and passing out my word and opinins and perspectives and ideas through music ect film and all this way to escape...Those who share commonalities with me will always be friends, those that are not associates and those i don't know well i don't know.
you might use paint, music, sowing, sports  or crafts cooking, cleaning, for all these are outlets :- i was thinking of words like adequate, and pleasant. Then i thought about cheese and now I'm kinda hungry for some of my own music, The radio is pleasant, internet is great , i get music from South africa , Korea, new Zealand, Mexico, new york...Try it.... Come out Nov23-2011. for now Remember I Love you for existing and your important! Again Thanks fro your Time and Sharing This! I am Evsword. Edgardo Velez by Birth!

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