Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Lime Green Glasses

A Shade Coming From The South is Better Then Thunder Without Emotion.
Moments go by and my boat keeps Swaying in the Ocean.
The Smell of you on my fingertips lingers, I have to be honest with myself
The Results Match Real Life Singers, I need to Advocate with Thyself
If have a strong conviction that my Belief with overcome anything the Anxious State odf MInd PRojects.
In life their is no f6 and [Fn]
In Life their exist an invention called computers and a thing called Keyboard, Based on the Machines Ancestor. The Type Writer. BUT!
Oppose to the Type Writter, They KeyBoard Gives you an Arsenal of Combinations you might not even know you can accomplish, I guess that Saturday spending Time Staring at your HAnds, has Backfired. if given time to Educate yourself on the Machine You will be using for the Rest of Your LIfe, maybe you would have created that novel much faster, maybe fast enough for that young man to read it and then become motivated to become A Wrestler. See After he became an Entertainer he discovers The Lime Light was as truth in those realities as the Existence in his  HEad. So now he lays with one Qyuestion. HOW to inspire a past that hasn't taken place....

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